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Jayco Family of Companies continues to make major strides to produce quality RVs while reducing waste. Our goal is to be the first landfill-free RV Manufacturer in the industry and raise the expectations for our competitors each year. By recycling nearly 5,000,000 pounds of waste, reducing water usage, increasing the use of sustainable packaging and decreasing energy consumption through major solar initiatives, we can move even closer to our goals.

In 2022 Jayco RV made a massive solar initiative by installing more than 3,000 panels that will provide more than 10% of the energy needed to run the facilities on the Middlebury campus in Indiana. 


We're proud that EcoAdvantage™ is one of the RV industry's most admired sustainability initiatives. As an industry leader, we know we have to continually set the bar high for ourselves and our practices.


Landfill-free Efforts

By relocating recycling bins, educating employees and reducing packaging, we have been able to recycle nearly 4,000,000 lbs of paper products and 375,205 lbs of plastic each year. 

Reduced Freshwater Use

Through ongoing efforts, we continue to reduce freshwater usage in our facilities. As part of this effort, we can make a large impact on consumption with minor changes such as using recycled water in quality control testing. 

Sustainable Materials

As part of our commitment to sustainability, we can build better RVs with less waste by partnering with suppliers who share these values. Through these relationships, we reuse materials, improve packaging and use more sustainable components. 

Less Energy Consumption

Through massive facility upgrades and modernizing processes, we reduced energy usage by more than 10% with our new solar initiatives. In addition, we have changed all lights to LEDs campus-wide.

Raising Awareness

Our goal is that by changing the dialogue and providing education, RV owners, suppliers and competitors will recognize the importance of these practices and begin to implement changes to leave less of an impact on our environment. 

Streamlined Processes

By redesigning the production process, relocating recycling bins and providing the resources necessary to increase the efficiency of our production process, we were able to reduce energy consumption and increase our recycling. 

Reduced Product Weights

The effort to provide quality RVs and camping without leaving a trace doesn't stop after production. We are committed to building bigger, better and lighter products to help provide better fuel economy for all of our customers. 


Campus Wide Solar Project

The Jayco Family of Companies continues to make major strides to be landfill-free by recycling nearly 5,000,000 pounds of waste in 2021.  Additional ongoing sustainability goals include reduced freshwater usage, increased utilization of sustainable materials, less energy consumption, and several others.

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We are simply doing our part through the continued integration of these sustainability initiatives, which will ultimately help to enable generations of families to enjoy the great outdoors through RVing.

 - Ken Walters, Jayco President and CEO