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100% Pre Delivery Inspection

Providing first-class RVs is more than spot-checking and processes; to ensure quality products. Our standard is achieved by providing additional procedures and implementing protocols to remove the margin of human error. From the inspections and quality-control checks throughout the production process, to the last stop in the manufacturing plant, we have added another step to ensure your travel trailers and motorhomes are reliable and top quality before they ever make it to your dealer's lot.


New Standards and Added Measures

Our 100% PDI initiative includes all manufacturing locations; Middlebury and Shipshewana, Indiana and Twin Falls, Idaho. With these rigorous processes, Jayco Family of Companies can provide the RV that customers deserve. We conduct inspections of numerous aspects and components, followed by additional audits and quality checks before leaving the final bay during production.   Once at the PDI facility, our travel trailers and motorhomes are checked for precise measurements, functional electronics and accurate components.  

PDI is More Than a Process

To ensure our owners have a quality product, we inspect each RV that is completed in a facility that is 100% dedicated to checking our travel trailers and motorhomes. This intense PDI process is done by inspecting key areas and features, each with multiple components tested and verified within them. These tests go beyond the functionality of a unit and extend to aesthetics, ensuring that all cosmetics of our RVs meet the expectations that our customers have grown to love and expect. 


Jayco Family of Companies 100% PDI

When implementing our 100% PDI initiative our executives did extensive research to ensure that our protocol would exceed the expectations and existing practices of any other manufacturer. In doing so we do not have a list with individual items that must be checked off, but instead, list key regions and features found on every RV. The inspection process begins at the door side corner of each unit and from there each item is examined.  


What the video below to learn more about our 100% Pre-Delivery Inspection Process 

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Ken Walters

Ken Walters

President & CEO of Jayco, Inc.

“We know the critical importance of optimizing quality and reducing RECT.  These are areas we have committed to focusing our time and investments to further support our dealer partners, reducing their costs and positively impacting the overall customer experience.”