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This community has been evolving for as long as we have been; it starts from the ground up. We are bringing together three key pillars within our RV community for the first time and we’re embracing the relationships that have been developing for over 100 years. We are unveiling our proud ambassadors, our founding suppliers and our devoted owners. This tribe has unlimited potential for growth.

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Brand Ambassadors

Tier One of the Ascend Community

Jayco Family of Companies Ambassadors are true RVers, proudly representing one of our brands – Jayco RV, Entegra Coach, Highland Ridge RV or Starcraft RV. This diverse group of individuals has achieved leadership status among the masses. This tribe of forerunners is a genuine depiction of the different segments that come together to form the world of RVing and the community its members have created. From veteran RVers that have been devoted to our brands for years, to first-time buyers excited to kick start their journey, they are all eager to be welcomed into this network of travelers.

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Jason and Allison Takacs

Jason and Allison Takacs

The Takacs

The Takacs family seeks out stunning scenes, interesting slot canyons, alpine lakes and every natural feature in-between. These long-time tent campers began pursuing their dreams in true comfort in 2015, when they switched to RVing with Jayco—and they have never looked back.

RV of choice: Jayco Flight SLX


Jess and Jamie Hatch

Jess and Jamie Hatch

Snow Dogs Vlogs

Jess and Jamie share their lives with Siberian Huskies. Their current pack consists of Memphis, Elenor and Kira. Memphis is a snuggle bug who loves to be around people and experience all the smells. Kira still has her puppy spunk and energy—always good for a laugh. While, Elenor is the newest addition to the pack and is always ready for an adventure. 

RV of choice: Jayco Greyhawk


Anne Klumpp

Anne Klumpp

On The Road of Adventure

Anne Klumpp, her husband, Brian and their dog, Skipper, travel full-time in their luxury motorhome. Anne retired from the wine business career to pursue life on the road. With extensive food and wine knowledge from her past, most of their adventures focus on recipes, wineries and the fantastic restaurants they come across while on the road.

RV of choice: Entegra Aspire



Derek Lamoureux

Derek Lamoureux

Sarah + Derek

Sarah and Derek, along with their two golden retrievers, Nya and Niko, are constantly exploring the outdoors with every chance they get! This family of four is your traditional weekend warriors. During their free time, you can find them on adventurous hikes, paddling lakes, off-roading, and discovering scenic views across North America. 

RV of choice: Jay Flight


Cassie Bailey

Cassie Bailey

Wild Thornbaileys

The Wild Thornbaileys are six family members who have been living full-time in their RV for the past three years. After almost losing their son at five years old, they sold their 3,000 sq ft home and belongings to live a more connected and intentional life. 

Highland Ridge Ambassador: Open Range Roamer 



Gwendolyn Call

Gwendolyn Call

Chaos Kiddos and Harmony

Gwendolyn, her husband Brittan and kiddos, a family of five plus two four-legged friends, sold it all to live small! They are traveling the US and Canada in their RV full-time. This amazing family is navigating road schooling, national parks and all the family adventures possible. 

RV of choice: Jayco North Point



Qualified Suppliers

Tier Two of the Ascend Community

Our suppliers have been a vital pillar to our success from the beginning of our brands – Jayco RV, Entegra Coach, Highland Ridge and Starcraft. For the first time, we are creating a family of organizations with one mission, creating a network of informed consumers to share product knowledge among the masses. Once a supplier joins this initiative, we elevate our brands, audiences and content creation strategies. 

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Recognized Owners Groups

Tier Three of the Ascend Community

Since the dawn of the digital age, consumers from the Jayco Family of Companies brands have come together with one goal, supporting their virtual neighbors to reach their dreams and give helpful advice. For the first time in our companies history, we are getting involved and offering our aid and support in these cyber communities with recognized owners groups giving owners a direct line of contact when they need assistance, support for events and so much more!  

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Learn About Our Recognized Owners Groups

Entegra Owners Group

Entegra Owners Group

Recognized Owners Group #304

The Entegra Owners Group was created in October 2020 to offer members a way to share and exchange travel experiences with other Entegra owners. The group includes owners of any Entegra Coach product with a current membership of over 2,100 people. We encourage the group members to support ECOA (Entegra Coach Owners Assoc), AIM (All Inclusive Motorhome), FMCA and Entegra Coach Homecoming in Goshen, Indiana. Members can make new friends and rekindle old friendships while enjoying the luxurious RV lifestyle that Entegra Coach is all about.


Jayco & Entegra Motorhomes Group

Jayco & Entegra Motorhomes Group

Recognized Owners Group #901

We formed the Jayco and Entegra Motorhomes Facebook group bringing together the two brands to share the commonality of our coaches. We are a great place to share our love for our coach and our travels, while helping one another with tips and tricks.

Come and join us!

- Gwendine Norton & Jacque Tanis

The Jayco Seneca | Entegra Accolade Owners Group

The Jayco Seneca | Entegra Accolade Owners Group

Recognized Owners Group #903

The Jayco Seneca | Entegra Accolade Owners Group was created for owners of Jayco Senecas, Entegra Accolades and Jayco Embark Super C’s. This group is a place for owners to ask questions, share upgrades and modifications, post photos, and make new friends with the same passions! Our group is also a great resource for people looking to purchase a new or used unit. In this group you can find several knowledgeable individuals who are always happy to help others with any issues or concerns. 

Brian Miller 

Jayco RV Club

Jayco RV Club

Recognized Owners Group #101

We formed the Jayco RV Club as a way to bring together all Jayco owners. We offer all members a great place to share our love for your RVs, and the travel story and trips you go on. Our group also provides tips and tricks for your RV.

Join us! 

- Adam & Gwendine

Pinnacle RV Club

Pinnacle RV Club

Recognized Owners Group #110

I decided to start a Facebook group to seek out current and potential owners in hopes of making information on these campers more accessible to people with real-life experiences. Our page is an outlet for people to address their concerns or issues and the joys of their luxury travel trailers. We strive to keep a safe and clean page, free of spam, marketing and poor behavior. Jayco Pinnacle RV club now has 2.2k plus members across the United States. We have an East and West coast rally with a close group of campers every year.

 Happy camping!

Join the Virtual Fun

We all have a few stories to tell, from those new to the RV life to those who have been at it for years. Join us in our virtual community and share your stories, photos and videos, and we will share them with your fellow RVers. 

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